The Many Faces of Corruption: Tracking the Vulnerabilities at the Sector Level

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What and where are the risk points in a given sector? When are they most likely to occur? Which ones, if addressed, might have the greatest impact on a sector's performance? For policy makers, data and information on these queries are what is missing to formulate specific, operationally tractable reforms.

The many faces of corruption: tracking vulnerabilities at the sector level

This volume is the product of a successful collaborative effort among many units of the World Bank and reflects the depth of expertise and knowledge that the Bank can harness to contribute to a better understanding of complex phenomena. It includes 12 chapters plus an overview and a conclusion. The first of its three parts is on sectors.

It includes seven chapters on health, education, forestry, roads, electricity, oil and gas, and water and sanitation. The second part is on public financial management, which cuts across all sectors and is critical to the operations of any sector. It includes four chapters on budget formulation and execution, procurement, tax administration, and customs administration.

The Many Faces of Corruption is an invaluable reference for policymakers, practitioners, and researchers engaged in the business of development. Keywords: Corruption — Public financial management — Anti-money-laundering Corruption Publisher: World Bank Institute. Editor: Campos, J. He received his xvii. His areas of expertise are anticorruption, global issues management, and international development and multilateral institutions. He received a Ph. She has worked on institutional and regulatory aspects of infrastructure projects, including several large public-private partnership projects.

She has also led economic, sector, and analytical work on infrastructure regulation. Before working for the Bank, she worked as a corporate attorney at Baker and McKenzie. She holds an LL. Her research and teaching focus on drug access issues for the poor, the comparative politics of international pharmaceutical policy, and ethics and corruption in pharmaceutical systems. Before joining the University of Toronto, Ms. She has also been a consultant for a myriad of governments, international organizations, and aid agencies on topics such as pharmaceuticals, regulation, corruption, and drug access.

She received her B. In his current position in Nairobi, he supervises a large team of water and sanitation personnel, based in 14 African countries, that assists governments in developing sustained access to water and sanitation services by the poor. An anthropologist by. In recognition of his work, the Water Academy made him a life member in He holds an M. She has worked on rule of law and good governance for 14 years, managing complex projects, advising on substantive issues, and developing policy for the Bank. While working for the British government, she led an independent evaluation of the successes and challenges associated with rule of law and good governance reforms since Dakolias has published widely on rule of law and corruption issues.

She holds a B. M from the University of Amsterdam. He has published more than 50 peer-reviewed articles spanning development economics, environmental economics, institutional economics, and macroeconometrics. Before joining the Bank, Mr. Damania was a Reader at the University of Adelaide.

He holds a Ph. Before joining the Bank, he spent 12 years in the U. While at OMB, Mr. He also spent several years with the U. He received his B. He participated in the preparation and supervision of a large number of World Bank technical assistance operations in the areas of tax and customs reform. Currently on leave from the Bank, he advises the German government on public sector reform programs for transition economies. He organized and participated in training and technical assistance programs to build tax policy and administration capacity in developing countries and transition economies.

Engelschalk began his career as an assistant professor of public and international tax law. He earned his Ph. He has done operational work on institution building, tax administration, and public expenditure management in many Latin American countries and advisory work for the Europe and Central Asia Region. He has a degree in industrial civil engineering from the University of Chile.

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Carlos Ferreira has provided consulting services on the strategic development of revenue administration since retiring from the World Bank in December While at the Bank, he coordinated the design and implementation of institutional development projects to reform and modernize the public collection of revenue, primarily under tax, customs, and social security administrations for the Europe and Central Asia Region. He joined the World Bank in , after extensive experience in the public and private sectors in Brazil.

He also holds a graduate degree in management sciences from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, where he was a Sloan Fellow. Theodore S.

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Before joining the Bank,. Her work outside the Bank has included secondments to the U. Department of Health and the U. Hawkins also spent 12 years in the New Zealand civil service, as an economist in the Treasury, as manager of a Health and Disability Services Reform Taskforce, and as manager of the Strategic Policy Directorate in the Ministry of Health.

Outside of the public sector, she has worked as a strategic planner for a large service provider for people with learning disabilities.

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Before joining the Bank, she spent almost 20 years in the public sector, working on education policy, research, and management in Africa. Kagia has a long-standing interest in the role of education in socioeconomic transformation and has undertaken a longitudinal study that tracks students from home to school and into the workplace.

She is a graduate of Harvard University. His research interests focus on the economics of forestry and natural resources, as well as trade, growth and income distribution, incentive compatible systems, and institutional reforms.

He is a coauthor of a book on sustainable development, The Quality of Growth, published by Oxford University Press in Before joining the Bank, he was with the Public Finance Group at the Harvard Institute for International Development, Harvard University, where he worked on tax policy design, tax administration reforms, revenue forecasting, and appraisal of development expenditures in Asia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Michael Levi is Professor of Criminology at Cardiff University and an expert on whitecollar and organized crime, corruption, and money laundering. He recently conducted metareviews of economic crime in Europe for the Council of Europe and of the nature, extent, and cost of fraud in the U.

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He has also examined fraud sentencing for the U. Government Fraud Review. He holds B. Leyton held management positions at the Ministry of the Presidency and Ministry of Finance of Boliva, leading a comprehensive public sector modernization program that included in-depth reform of the revenue administration service.

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He holds degrees in sociology, statistics, and mathematics from the Universidad Mayor de San Andres, Bolivia. William Mayville provides consulting services in the areas of human capital development, strategic planning, and change management for revenue administrations. He has worked for the World Bank as a short- and long-term consultant since His work at the Bank focused on petroleum sector reform and sector lending activities in Angola, Argentina, Nigeria, the Russian Federation, and elsewhere.

McPherson spent 15 years at two international oil companies, holding a variety of senior positions in international negotiations and government agreements. Before joining the Bank in , Mr. Moss was a director of a leading U. Monique F.

Mrazek has been involved in both public and private sector lending, as well as advisory work in the health care and pharmaceutical sectors. Mrazek has authored a number of peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on pharmaceutical policy.