The Book of 2 Timothy: Pauls Second Letter to Timothy (Daily Bible Reading Series 12)

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  • Introduction to the First Epistle of Paul the Apostle to Timothy.
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    Timothy (I and II) Trivia Questions & Answers : New Testament

    To ask Timothy to come quickly To exhort Timothy in his service as an evangelist What is the theme of this epistle, as suggested in the introductory material? Fulfill Your Ministry!

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    Get Password. Cookie Notice Our website uses cookies to store user preferences. Old Testament. Back Psalms 1. Bible Search. Retrieve Adv. Video Tutorials 1. Advanced BLB. Information for Donors My Donor Account. The Greek word for herald is kerux. In ancient times the kerux was the person who came making an important announcement from the king.

    5 Ways to Invest in Others (Session 7 – 2 Timothy 1:3-14)

    In times of war he brought the request for a truce. A few decades ago in the seminary, scholars were making a distinction between the Greek kerygma, or what was preached, and didache , what was being taught. The claim was that the kerygma was the essential gospel or good news of Christ while the didache was mostly made up of ethical instruction. It is of note that preaching is never listed in the Bible as a gift, but teaching is listed as a spiritual gift in several places Acts ; Rom.

    Perhaps we should give heed to John Trapp here. He says that since Paul was a teacher of the Gentiles his writings should be carefully studied and highly prized by us Gentiles. It was the gospel that consistently got Paul into trouble. It got him in trouble with both the Jews and the Gentiles. We can understand why the gospel was offensive to the Jews since it proclaimed Jesus as the Messiah of Israel and the Son of God.

    Such claims of deity were unthinkable to the Jews. It is more difficult to understand why the gospel was such a problem to Gentiles. We may wonder if we are still preaching the gospel. Perhaps we are afraid of the loss the real gospel might bring us— loss of property or even some jail time. Paul was certain that God was able to guard him and the precious things the Lord has committed to him.

    It means to be able or to have power. Paul had entrusted many things to the Lord against the coming Day.

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    4. He had entrusted his own salvation as well as that of the many churches. He had entrusted his gospel that it would be sufficient to bring both himself and the churches safely home to glory. The prophets often spoke of the Day of the Lord. It is also spoken of in several ways in the New Testament. All these speak of the same event. The entire book of Revelation likewise speaks in detail of this Day. The Day of the Lord is a time of judgment upon the wicked Isa.

      While the Day will be a time of awful judgment for the wicked it will be a time of recompense and blessing for the righteous. The prophet Malachi also says that the righteous will go forth leaping like calves released from a stall.

      To Be Found Faithful: A Study of 2nd Timothy

      After all, when Jesus appears we will appear with him in glory Col. On that blessed day, Jesus will come with all his saints 1 Thess.

      Even those who sleep in Jesus will be brought in that splendid triumphal procession. For the saints of the Lord, the Day of the Lord has nothing for us to fear. It is a day of blessing and glory.