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More Details Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Take Me, I'm Yours , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Aug 11, Carmen rated it it was amazing. Low the conflict and romance between Derek and Lainey. Aug 19, K B rated it it was amazing. Family oriented single mom and Day Care owner Lainey becomes involved with business focused single dad and billionaire Derek.

A poignant full length romance with heroism, a legacy, irony, good use of foreshadowing, attraction at first sight, scheming in the form of the mother of Derek's child, and lots of conflict make this an entertaining and interesting read. Oct 18, Linda rated it really liked it. Derek is a smart businessman who has become a workaholic and Alfred throws Lainey right in his path, hoping to teach Derek what is most important in his life.

Fasano has a talent for telling stories, and I swear she uses magic. This story hits the ground running with a kidnapping attempt on the beach of a four year-old girl who has gotten away from her grandfather. This author has a way to capture her characters and make them real people and puts them into situations they must work through, and she does it in a totally believable way.

Lainey is a smart woman and stays true to her character no matter what it costs. Regardless of what happens, she keeps her integrity. Derek is taken with Lainey, but because of his pride he has some issues to work through. He is a smart man and has a big heart, but I was afraid the odds were too big to get past all of his issues.

Take Me, I'm Yours

I was on an emotional rollercoaster. Perhaps I am just a little emotionally vulnerable right now, but I was so afraid I was not going to get my Happily Ever After in this story. One huge risk the author took in this story was Victor. He was a peripheral character that played a big part and all we know about him is what is conveyed to Lainey through another character.

Although that other character has a shady history, Lainey trusted her and I think this is where my anxiety was the worst. I love the way they interacted with the adults in this story. How the author conveys the interactions of her characters through their actions and dialogue is plain magic. Donna Fasano has yet to disappoint me; this is an intelligent heartwarming story. May have received a free review copy.

Oct 16, Charlie rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , family. Take Me, I'm Yours is such a wonderful quick read. I would have read it in one sitting if I didn't have to go back to work. Lainey Adams is enjoying the day at the beach with her son, Brian when his sees a little girl wondering down the beach alone. She thinks nothing of it, there are families around but her son is insistent that she is lost and when a man grabs her Brian says that's she's being kidnapped.

Lainey runs after them and ends up getting the little girl back and taking her to her gran Take Me, I'm Yours is such a wonderful quick read.

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Lainey runs after them and ends up getting the little girl back and taking her to her grandfather, Alfred Mitchell. He's so thankful that he gives her money for her dream of opening her own child care environment. Derek Mitchell thinks this woman had swindled his father out of money and he doesn't give Lainey a chance to defend herself, she ends up giving him the check.

Months later Lainey founds out she had been named in Alfred's will and that her and Derek are to work together. Alfred says there is a life secret that Lainey knows and would like her to teach Derek, but neither knows what the life lesson is This book was so good, a little rushed at times,but still quite a find. I loved how she [Donna Fasano] introduced all the characters and we learned about how Lainey's husband had lied, and we learned that Derek I picked this up after reading His Wife for a While, Donna Fasano is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.

Give this one a shot and I doubt you'll be disappointed. I wasn't! Jan 18, Winnie Lim rated it really liked it. I had signed up for the Sweet Romance Reads read and review team and I received an email from Donna Fasano asking me if I would be interested in reading and reviewing this book. Upon reading the brief description of the book, I thought it would be something I would enjoy reading so I agreed to read and review it.

I was totally not disappointed.

The story was well written and heart-warming. Although sometimes it is interesting to read a book with lots of steamy and sexy sex scenes, it was really g I had signed up for the Sweet Romance Reads read and review team and I received an email from Donna Fasano asking me if I would be interested in reading and reviewing this book.

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Although sometimes it is interesting to read a book with lots of steamy and sexy sex scenes, it was really great to read a story that focused more on the growth of the relationship than the sex. I really liked how the story developed, how it had a little air of mystery and how Derek and Lainey overcame their issues to be together.

I also enjoyed reading about the two children Abbie and Brian. I couldn't help but smile when I read the part where Brian was complaining to his mother about how Abbie was running him ragged but in actual fact, he was very happy when she was around. And the part where Abbie sang the teapot song and Derek asked Brian if he had taught Abbie that song and Brian blushed because he was too manly to have taught Abbie that song.

If you enjoy reading a Sweet Romance which means emphasis on emotional intimacy and may contain sexual tension G to PG heat levels , but there are no explicit sexual details , I'm sure you'll enjoy this book. I will be definitely reading more of Donna's books. Jan 27, IreAnne Chambers rated it really liked it. This book pulls you right in from the get go! It was very well done. The writing was exceptional and moving. It is very easy to get caught up in the lives of Lainey and Derek.

Sadly, the result is a hotchpotch of gimmicky ideas with little coherence or consistency and repeated contradictions of the claimed fundamental 'rejection of the preciousness of the original'. In many instances, the 'real' art works are presented in the usual 'do not touch' form, whilst the viewers' participation is rewarded with some worthless gesture or rubbish souvenir. Hans-Peter Feldman showed some obscure photographs and documents, a selection of kitsch hand-painted plaster models, metal toy cars, and tinted photographs in cheap Woolworth's frames.

These were displayed in the protective environs of perspex exhibition display cases, with the lucky viewer generously invited to take 'as many as you want' from an unlimited supply of small, scrappy photocopies of banal images fixed around the walls.

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A series of Wolfgang Tillmans' magazine photographs were tacked in a similar casual style to another wall, yet these were now presented as untouchable precious originals. Instead, the viewer was offered a copy of an out-of-date German newspaper containing an extremely dull example of Tillmans' work.

Jef Geys' neo-pop plastic sculptural abstractions of different fruits were kept behind wire-rope barriers, though the viewer was permitted to buy a real piece of fruit from a bowl of rather stale looking apples and oranges at the front desk.

Johnny Gill - Take Me (I'm Yours)

It was difficult not to feel insulted by these puerile interventions. There was a complete lack of any sense of the artists offering something substantial, either of themselves or of their work. Douglas Gordon's unoriginal idea of offering himself as a prize for a dinner date, besides conceitedly presuming the desirability of his own company, had no element of sacrifice, of really giving anything up of himself. He could have been offering his escort service each and every night for the full duration of the exhibition, not just at some nice West End restaurant, but at pie and eel shops and strip clubs down the Old Kent Road.

One whole room had been transformed by Christian Boltanski into a third-rate jumble sale, with mounds of used clothing covering the floor. People with a desperate shortage of clothing could buy a plastic carrier bag and stuff it as full as possible with needed items.

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But this was not only charitable benefaction; it was also an authentic Boltanski art work, supposedly reflecting upon themes of identity, loss, and memory, the carrier bags printed with Boltanski's name and the word 'Dispersal' constituting a collectible unlimited edition. The viewer's gullibility was perhaps a necessary contribution to complete this particular piece. Fabrice Hybert's work required a direct physical interaction. Oh, but I'm beggin' Please forgive me, baby Beggin' you don't leave me Don't leave and walk away, girl, give me one more chance Or if you open the doors and let me in again Please, take me back again.

Take me, I'm yours Do you remember? All you got to do is step right here I was a fool to ever let you go Step right here in my bedroom And I'm just gonna shower you with all of my love Please forgive me, baby. Come on, baby, give me one chance Don't leave and walk away Please, please, please, please, please, come on Girl, give me one more chance. Quiero recibir notificaciones de artistas destacados y noticias.

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