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Come Home I'm Pregnant. Thanks Sandy Fox. Employment and recruitment industry acronym: the six acceptable reasons for leaving your job if asked why in a job interview, cited by MJ Yate interview guru and author. Clear, Loud, As an order, with Pauses. The principle is easily applicable with a little adaptation for certain types of presentations.

The key points also remind us to avoid waffle and unnecessary information when communicating vital and urgent instruction. Thanks M Green. Career Limiting Move. A reminder to think twice before embarking on any action that has an obvious whiff of disaster about it. Ack R Gesling and S Phillips. Ack Nick H.

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COmmon Business Orientated Language. Acronym-derived name for the early computer language. Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment. Criminal Protection Society.

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Advertising terms and crucial measures of advertising and selling performance. CPT refers to the cost of reaching each thousand people of the target audience with the advertising message. CPI is the cost of each inquiry received, ie total advertising cost divided by the number of inquiries received. CPC is the total cost of each converted sale. Can't Remember A Flipping Thing.

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Polite version. Or a tedious training course or meeting, or one of those awful 'pep up the workers' roadshow presentations by the new board of directors. Ack L Speden, R Dale.

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Chronological Random Ascending Pile. A common paperwork filing system particularly preferred by people of an Intuitive-Creative personality. If you know an earlier use please tell me. The full expression perhaps originated, certainly features and achieved prominence in Rob Reiner's classic rock band spoof masterpiece movie This is Spinal Tap. A radio DJ refers to the band in this way. It's not the most easy to pronounce acronym, but is a fine example of the genre nevertheless. The term is widely applicable for all ideas, fashions, trends, personalities, must-haves, etc. Use it to illustrate the fleeting nature of success, the whimsical nature of swarming humankind, or the fact, simply, that every dog has its day.

What can seem in people's lives utterly crucial today, will almost certainly be insignificant given a little time. Thanks P Smith for suggesting it. Thanks T White. Perhaps the two feelings are related in some way. Corporate Social Responsibility. A central aspect of capability and process within all all good organizations, and one of several related concepts within the ' ethical organisations ' philosophy. Cerca Trova. Italian, meaning 'He who seeks, finds' - more popularly interpreted to represent the expression 'Seek and you shall find'. Circling the Drain. Healthcare acronym.

Transferable to a wide variety of lost causes. Ack L Russell. Computer User Non-Technical. Outrageous of course. Ack JB and CL.

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Compulsive Use Of Acronyms. Not guilty There is the true story of the meeting that took place in a particular government office to discuss the effects of EMU.

Some considerable time into the meeting it was discovered that half of the participants thought they were there to discuss the European Monetary Union, while the other half were thinking about Environmental Monitoring and Utilisation. With thanks to Kevin Thomas. The principle that the effectiveness of advertising can only be measured if the aims of the advertising are clearly specified before it takes place. Doesn't Ever Leave The Airport. Sardonic reverse acronym at the Delta airline's expense. I'm sure they are every bit as punctual as all the other airlines. This wonderfully flexible and expressive term thanks N Purcell is commonly used in the film and TV industry when a change of plan occurs, typically after considerable and now wasted effort by the crew to achieve the original plan.

In fact this frustrating and time-wasting shift in executive direction occurs very widely in all areas of management and leadership, including at the very highest level. The alternative interpretation of meaning - Different Flipping Idea - is the understandably sarcastic response from the teams, subordinates and victims of whimsical unthinking leaders, the world over.

The original meaning 'Director's Further Instructions' conceivably dates from the s golden age of film making when Directors of Photography DoPs wore white lab coats and Heads of Departments HoDs were always referred to as 'Sir'. The lesson of DFI teaches us the importance of good quality planning, consistent project management and communications, towards a properly considered aim.

The advent of changing circumstances is not an excuse for poor planning. One of the most crucial and often overlooked elements of planning and leadership is to anticipate circumstances. This generally involves some good quality thinking and consultation, and probably some research too. Where the DFI effect arises, this aspect of leadership is almost certainly missing. By way of illustration, a certain ex-leader once said at a certain inquiry into a certain disastrous war: "It wasn't a lack of planning, it was that we discovered a different set of eventualities Not true of course Thanks JV for correction.

The American spelling is diarrhea, which is only marginally easier to remember. The word is very old indeed, from the ancient Greek equivalent diarrhoia, and diarrhein, meaning to flow through, from the Greek words dia through and rhein flow , which incidentally is from the earliest European language roots from which related words like river, run and the German river Rhine are ultimately derived. This highly memorable memory device is a fine example of the technique of using bacronym constructions to remember difficult words.

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Difficulty, Importance, Frequency. The system can be used in different ways, commonly entailing a flow diagram and process of assessing scoring each activity according to the three elements, Difficulty, Importance, and Frequency, in that sequence. At a simple level, an activity that scores low on all three scales is obviously low priority; whereas an activity that scores high on all three scales is a high priority.

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DIF Analysis has roots in military training, where traditionally training and development tended to be oriented according to task effectiveness and organizational efficiency, rather than driven by individual personal development needs. Useful reminder to check readiness before starting anything which might cause problems if under-prepared. This wonderful funny and illustrative demographic acronym thanks A de Rooy is relatively recent, perhaps 21st century, although the lifestyle itself has been evident among couples in the western world for ages.

By implication having little dogs and no kids is not a genetic or hereditary tendency. This amusing demographic profile - plenty of money and no dependents other than a little dog or two - contrasts sharply with the millions of Generation-Y young people in relatively low-paid work facing a difficult and economically challenging future - far more challenging than is faced by established professionals already on the property and career ladders, and especially such people with double income and little dogs only.

Please note that the word dildo otherwise refers to an artificial penis and so could cause offence if used in sensitive situations. The use of the word 'Fig' is a polite substitution. There are also various alternative end words which are usually rude.