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Last week, at a summer camp, there was a beautiful little girl crying because the children at the camp were picking on her.

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They were picking on her because her skin was too dark. I was beyond infuriated!

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One, I was picked on by my own classmates for similar reasons when I was a child. I was too dark, too skinny, and never had the best clothes.

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Two, many of the students at the camp are of the African American race, so this reasoning just didn't make any sense to me. I was just sick and tired of the African American race picking on each other, especially after just recently watching Oprah's documentary Dark Girls. From working in these corporate environments, my sister and I decided to enter into the world of beauty.

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Despite my lack of direct knowledge of the beauty industry, I knew I wanted to create a space and a working environment that allowed us to just be. As a black woman living in the UK, I have shared an array of similar experiences to my peers when it comes to beauty.

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In the U. Beauty comes in all shades, shapes and sizes, whether you rock natural hair, weave or a polished head!

Beauty comes in all shades, shapes and sizes, whether you rock natural hair, weave or a polished head! We are a small team full of passion and ambition.

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Surely black women deserve a big platform where we can come together to share, learn and discuss things that concern us specifically? More and more women of colour are launching brands online offering diverse product ranges. We want to bring these brands to life by giving them, as well as the traditional bigger brands, a space to meet with their customers and introduce themselves to new ones.