Ocean of Dharma: The Everyday Wisdom of Chogyam Trungpa

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Rather, no enemy exists at all; therefore, there is victory. This is the idea of unconditional warriorship and unconditional victory. In connection with this, the concept of sacredness is that fearlessness is carried into everyday life situations, even brushing your teeth.

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So fearlessness occurs all over the place, all the time. Fearlessness here is also unconditional.

In this way, fearlessness becomes cheerful and very light. There are no second thoughts.

So here victory is not having to deal with an enemy at all. It is the notion of no enemy. The whole world is a friend. If you enjoyed this post, I invite you to visit my other website: The Liberated Life Project — a personal transformation blog with a social conscience.

Because there is no enemy therefore there is no struggle and no warfare, hence victory. At first glance this can seem esoteric and hard to understand.

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But the idea, at least partly, has to do with clear seeing. You understand what is happening within a conflict, so you know what to do. There is a need for our society to provide resources for the sane, nonagressive resolution of such conflicts in keeping with the principles of Dharma and the Great Eastern Sun.

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Accordingly I have decided to institute and appoint the Upaya Council. Everyone is encouraged to see themselves as both a learner and a teacher in this community. The retreat is led by Judith L. Lief , the compiler and editor of The Profound Treasury. She has served as one of his primary editors for over twenty-five years.

Dawn at Ferry Beach. The three-volume Profound Treasury of the Ocean of Dharma is based on thirteen years of lectures given by Chogyam Trungpa at the Vajradhatu Seminaries, advanced programs for his senior students. At the yearly Profound Treasury Retreats, students have an opportunity to deeply engage this material in a contemplative atmosphere that includes intensive study and practice. Main page Picture gallery 1 Rating statistics If you like Add to favorites. Related tags. Events on LibraryThing Local. Northshire Saratoga Buddhist Study Group.

Northshire Bookstore , Monday, July 28, at 7pm.

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For more information about the group or to join please contact davelindbe gmail. Northshire Bookstore , Monday, June 30, at 7pm. You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data. Barnet, Vermont, USA cremated. Tibet birth. Kham, Tibet. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Kham region, Tibet birth. Dalhousie, India.