Interstellar Breeding Habits of the Hairless Ape (Interracial Breeding Sci-Fi)

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He's also a controlling dictator who systematically oppresses his own country and maintains popularity by engineering moral scares about American plots to turn Russia gay. A bastard worth of both disgust and respect. Same with leprosy - patients damage parts of their bodies and don't know it at the time, nor do they notice the gangrene that follows until others complain of the smell. What we need is a system that disables fear and pain in dangerous situation. And that's exactly how our body fight-or-flight response works. Evolution took care of that long ago.

That mechanism is not perfect, it could get a few tweaks for our super soldiers, but the thing is that it is not something that can be easily improved with tools as crude as CRISPR and our current understanding of genetics. What gene editing is best for is treating diseases that are caused by a well identified mutation, then changing. If other countries start engineering an army of geniuses, the USA may have to do the same in order compete. Either that, it's sanctions, which have limits. Just from a sheer numbers standpoint they should already have more very smart people than the USA has people.

If it actually works, and they produce smart people, they'll just want to immigrate to the US anyway. And being smart, they'll find a way. There is solid evidence they do not work. Have you seen the kids going into or coming out of colleges these days?

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The vast majority are fucking morons in every single area academically and practically. Sometimes children are born that feel no pain. You think evolution created it just to annoy us? It tells us when we are screwing up so we stop doing it, it is as simple as that. Who knows Maybe they'll only be given reduced pain, but also be given greater bone density, blood coagulation, thicker skin, etc etc The blasphemous notion that we can play god, nearly always ends in retribution in the movies, but perhaps in real life we actually can play god and get away with it.

Today we're the apex predator on this planet, the idea we can use genetic sciences to create a new variant of our own s. The Star Trek reference, most of you should get -- and should get the warning behind it. The warning there was "Don't try to create genetically superior "supermen" because the result will be a eugenically-created post-humans versus naturally-occurring babies race-war.

We've had wars ALL. Often over seemingly stupid shit. At least seemingly, with the benefit of hindsight. I'm not really worried about "genetic" "supermen". A "strongly worded letter" ain't going to do shit. A strongly worded letter is your only choice. What are you going to do, invade Russia?

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You, personally, charging across the border from Poland with your bayoneted rifle? You have no choice in this matter. You have no agency. The Internet has been lying to you in claiming that you do. You can not solve all the world's problems. You can't even budge the needle.

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Russia will do whatever they please and you can't even post on Russian social media complaining about it because you can't read or write Russian. The problem here is that having genetically-edited humans is so desirable to governments that the idea has been circulated for a long time.

Brave new World, anyone? The clone army? The main issue is: How do we go forward once the experiments are successful? According to the national respect for life index, Russia has some respect for life where China has near zero respect for life. I am sure that this research is already going gang-busters in China. I wouldn't doubt if China already mixed jelly fish genes with human babies so they glow green in the dark.

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China is beyond an ethical-shit show with Russia following close behind. This is already happening, most likely with political prisoners as guinea pigs. It's the one where the historically evil and incompetent totalitarian government loses control of the genetically-altered-super-zombie-solders and kicks off a great end-of-the-world adventure franchise right? Every dollar spent on creating soldiers who feel no pain is a dollar not spent on creating catgirls [knowyourmeme.

All research on molecular clocks, mutation, taxonomy, haplotypes, and so on was consistent.


Now two things jeopardize this: CRISPR, where genes are introduced externally not from either parent , or where two mothers are involved: one donates the nucleus, and the other donates the rest of the ovum. So, the mitochondrial DNA is not from the same parent as half o. There was evidence that Stalin wanted to breed women with apes to create "Super Soldiers".

I can see that mentality still flowing through the dictatorial elite. The guy convicted in China is probably working at a secret facility to hone his talents. Most definitely. In case the Area 51 naruto storming folks managed to penetrate the first defense parameter, the defense folks would have released the babies. The sight of a giant baby with a full diaper crawling toward them would have caused all of the storming folks to turn around and flee.

The claim was that they hit peak coal about 5 years ago, and it's true. The new plants are replacing older ones that closed, and are more efficient and emit less CO2. They get more energy out while using less coal. Many western countries are doing the same thing, or just upgrading older plants. Coal is on the verge of being uncompetitive in the next few years as renewable capacity grows and batteries soak up the valuable peaking contracts, so they h.

And no, China is NOT replacing old coal plants. They are now at around 1.

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Lets look at a credible source [carbonbrief. You have used this source many times. You linked to it here [slashdot.

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It shows us under operating capacity:. China is less than 1TW, not 1. Show where you got your number from if it isn't your arse. The same source also mentions this. The chart shows how several countries, notably China , have been closing many hundreds of smaller, older and less efficient units, replacing them with larger and more efficient models. There may be more comments in this discussion.


Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Classic Discussion System in your preferences instead. Migrate from GitHub to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool. An anonymous reader quotes a report from MIT Technology Review: According to Bloomberg , top Russian geneticists held a "secret meeting" this summer with government health officials in Moscow to debate a bid by a scientist there, Denis Rebrikov, to create babies genetically modified with the gene-editing technology CRISPR.

The first such children were born in China last year as part of a project to make HIV-resistant humans.

That undertaking was halted amid pointed criticism of its ethical failings and a criminal investigation. Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman for Russia's leader, declined to give Bloomberg a position, saying gene editing is not "a presidential issue. Second-hand reports have Vorontsova saying she doesn't think scientific progress can be slowed but that it should be controlled -- or instance, by limiting production of CRISPR babies to "state" institutions.

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