Holiday Stories Volume 2: A Compilation of Heartwarming Short Stories

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Hot New Releases in Short Stories. Most Wished For in Short Stories. Most Gifted in Short Stories. I am lucky enough to catch the third call. There is still ice in the middle. Come pick this up! We will remake a hot, fresh one for you right now. I owned a restaurant.

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Let me make you a pizza that is hot. Just come here and give me my money back. Yes, I went back to retrieve the pizza and yes, it was thrown at me. I work in a restaurant. We have been getting online orders from a certain person several times with the wrong address.

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Unfortunately, he usually orders late at night and we end up waking up the real resident of that address and then have to call him to get to the right one. After the third time, we flag his number and an employee lets me know when his order comes through. This is [My Name] with [Restaurant].

I do apologize but we are unable to deliver to the address you provided. It is not accurate to where you really are and the actual resident has asked us to not bother him anymore. As time grows nearer to the end of the challenge, Layne becomes desperate to complete the task on hand. Through these circumstances, Layne begins to realize that getting some action is not all it is cracked up to be. Something Like Bunnies Jace Holden is writing an essay in high school about what he wants to be when he grows up. As always, Jace's mind is going in all kinds of directions at once, coming up with sometimes ridiculous professions.

His mom comes in and announces that they are soon to have a guest, an exchange student from Italy. Gianni turns out to be more than they bargained for. He is a handsome man in his early twenties with a thick accent and the familiar double-cheek kiss greeting which is a surprise to Jace and his family. Yet, Gianni is so different not only in how he talks, but in his clothes and other attitudes Gianni exudes sensuality.

Jace is thrown into conflict because he's turned on by another man. When Gianni tells Jace that he wants him to come to Italy, it stirs something inside of him. He realizes that he's far more attached to Gianni than he expected and doesn't know what to do about it. I'd never thought of a pre-gay Jace so I had to backpedal a bit. I'd also never considered that he had ever loved anyone but Victor and, later, Ben of course. Finding out that Gianni was the first one to steal Jace's heart was enlightening. Being raised in the foster system, he' hasn't had a real mother to honor. Seeing all the happy families around him makes Jason profoundly sad.

In order to help Jason, Michelle takes it upon herself to find where Jason's mother is buried, hoping it will help bring him a sense of closure. For the first time in twenty years, Jason has a place to visit his mom. Jason has always been a sad character for me. I loved that Ben and Tim took him in, albeit with a little help from Jace on the other side, but for a long time, Jason seemed destined to be alone. Michelle's gesture made a world of difference for him.

It helped Jason put the past behind him and have a brighter outlook about the future. Something Like Memories A conversation with a couple who are clients at the gallery triggers a long-standing issue in Tim's mind. What date is his anniversary with Ben?

He goes to the only person he thinks will be able to clarify it, Allyson. During the conversation, Allyson lets slip that Ben kept a diary and that that would hold a clue as to what date to pick. Against her better judgement, she finds Ben's diary and gives it to Tim to read. Having access to Ben's most private thoughts sends Tim back to when he and Ben first met and a myriad of feelings come with it.

This was a very sentimental story reminding me of better times in Ben and Tim's life. It reminds me that true love never dies.

Something Like Sparks Harold is contemplating a letter his mom read to his dad every year about what makes a perfect husband. They came from totally different backgrounds but it doesn't stand in their way of being together. Harold is trying to decide whether or not to propose, using his mom's letter as a guide.

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He compares Calvin to his mom's ideals and he seems to be matching every one. Harold loves Calvin so much that sometimes he can't breathe and wants to be with him forever but things don't always turn out the way we want them to. Although I learned a lot more about Harold and Calvin, particularly why Harold is gun shy about a relationship, this was a very depressing story with a sad ending. It's my least favorite of them all. William hurt him badly when he chose his job over being with Jason, but the fact is, Jason still loves him and is willing to forgive and forget.

William is grateful that Jason has decided to come because he loves Jason as well. It is not an easy thing to leave him and go halfway across the country to continue his job of search and rescue, but, this time, William hopes that Jason will want to stay. But doing so, Jason will have to give up Ben and Tim and all his friends.

He doesn't know if he is ready to do that.

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I was happy to read this story because I was sad when I read Jason and William's story in the series. Although I don't know if I am a big enough person to do what Jason did, I admire him for following his heart. Since Mia mentioned to Caesar that she likes guys who like guys, Caesar decides the perfect way to celebrate it would be to have a threesome.

When Mia arrives, she is appalled at the idea. The truth is, he's a different kind of person. After a conversation with Marcello, Caesar comes to the conclusion that there is nothing wrong with his polygamous tendencies; the problem is, he has not been honest about his preference, which has caused a lot of heartache to people romantically involved with him.

This story attempts to explain how he thinks and feels and that his intention is not to be selfish or hurtful, it's just that he thinks differently than I do. Something Like Braaains It is Halloween night and Ben and Tim are all ready for the trick or treaters, but the weather is not.