Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road: Humorous Views On Love, Lust, & Lawncare

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Jack Wolfman? Rosa Parks? Who is your fav? Tell us in your own words. We want to know! If you had the chance to meet the one celebrity, alive or dead, that you've always wanted to meet, who would that be, and why do you want to meet them? Please read and follow the guidelines and good luck! For guidelines visit us at www. Friesner www. A disaster? Then this month's seminar is for you.

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Regina Leeds is here to help us become organized, once and for all. A few highlights of what you can expect to learn in this upcoming Teleseminar are: The key to mastering ANY organizing challenge whether it's your schedule or your closet or your files can be found by using The Magic Formula. The listener will discover the real issue underlying their seeming lack of organization.

For the person who is truly stuck, there are tools to get the process jump started. The person who perceived herself as organized but thwarted by another will discover ways to 'heal and deal. Please email us if you are interested in seeing a review of your book, product, or service.

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NOTE: Once your book has been submitted, please allow ample time for the book to be read, and reviewed. Books and products sent for reviews will not be returned. By opening the doors to her own family fun, crisis, accidents and chaos we are taken on a road trip through life. Crazy antics, life experiences and lessons of life are laced with humor. I felt a kinship with her once I finished the book. These steps will teach you to look within to start your own personal journey, and to stay focused on the positive; the hope.

Thank you Ms Sullivan! This book is powerful, bold, and coming from a woman in the throws of mid-life, to me it was magical. I highly recommend Give Wings to Your Dreams. By Beverly Malone www. Her book could be considered bold and vivid as she accurately and openly gives the reader her discoveries into the mind and emotions of an aging baby boomer; herself! Beverly demonstrates throughout the book that even though the journey into middle age may include boundaries and limitations, some imaginary, some real, there is still a powerful, creative side that boomer women today posses, and many are happily discovering their new "self" along the way.

Middle age doesn't mean you leave the humor behind, either. For instance, in her own words she says, "I'm still hot It just comes in flashes now! Need help? Visit your Author's Advocate, Patrika Vaughn , at www.

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These short stories are written to inspire, entertain and warm the hearts of the reader, especially those looking for that special someone or wanted to relive their own meeting experience. Wedding photos of 30 of the couples are included for added interest. Do you want to know how other Baby Boomer women are managing their family in flux? Visit our new Blog - we welcome your reactions and ideas. We'll discuss information from a series of articles we've written about how you can care for your aging parents and emerging adult children while still paying attention to your own needs.

Please visit our Blog, www.

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Rosemary Lichtman and Phyllis Goldberg www. Pamela D. Blair www.

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It offers wise, pertinent advice for all women who are aging - every topic covered to enable graceful, joyful, healthy, sexy aging with ample opportunity to record personal thoughts. Includes a useful format for workshops. It is an outstanding all inclusive compendium for all women. Feel free to forward this to your friends, family and colleagues.

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    Articles that need editing will not be published. NABBW is now offering member discounts at www. Sorry, but unless your aging loved one s has dementia, they are free to do what they want. But fear not! Among the common symptoms of menopause are irregular periods and hot flashes, mood swings, irritability, sleep disturbances, vaginal dryness and urinary tract problems.

    Menopausal women may also suffer stomach pains and leg cramps and some may suffer more, as compared to others, in terms of sleeplessness. Menopause and Leg Cramps Leg cramp pain during menopause can come on suddenly. It can be a shooting, sharp pain that can disturb your sleep, or wake you up.

    This pain may linger and make the area sore for almost 24 hours. Whether you are anticipating the empty nest or already an empty nester, this workshop is for you. No other generation of empty nesters has faced the challenges and joys of letting go as are present today for parents.

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    Abd ar-Rahman III, who reigned as the most powerful prince of Iberia for half a century, had this to say about happiness:. I have now reigned about fifty years in victory or peace, beloved by my subjects, dreaded by my enemies and respected by my allies. Riches and honors, power and pleasure, have waited on my call, nor does any earthly blessing appear to have been wanting to my felicity.

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    In this situation, I have diligently numbered the days of pure and genuine happiness which have fallen to my lot. They amounted to fourteen. However, humor offers an alternative means of attaining happiness, or at least relief from our misery, for far less money and with fewer side effects than antidepressants. Depression is caused by neurochemical reactions within the brain. Whether the original source of those neurochemical reactions is a traumatic event, long-term poverty, job loss, the break-up of a relationship or any other painful event s , the illness itself takes form as a result of interactions that occur within and between different brain structures and neurotransmitters.

    And humor can be a means of inducing those reactions. Neuroscientist Elisabeth Perreau-Linck of the University of Montreal carried out a study in which she confirmed that we are capable of altering our own brain chemistry. Perreau-Linck had professional actors self-induce a state of happiness or sadness and used a PET scan to measure the serotonin synthesis capacity SSC of their brains. SSC is an indicator of how efficiently the brain makes serotonin from its chemical precursor, tryptophan.

    The cortex and deeper brain regions showed significant differences in SSC activity for those actors who self-induced happiness and those who self-induced sadness.