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It doesn't so much prove that reasoned debate can change people's minds, but rather than, if you're the kind of person who goes looking for reasoned debate , your mind may change. And also, as previously noted: there is more than one reason to engage in online debate.

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It's not just about changing someone's mind, sometimes, it's about playing to the gallery: "Playing to the gallery this way is a proven way to change minds, and in those cases, it often helps if your opponent is overheated and rude, because their affect can make you seem more reasonable by comparison but this doesn't always work -- sometimes being the passionate one facing down the robotically cool one makes you seem like your side is the one whose proponents have the most at stake and the most to offer.

There are still moderators on the custom platform, but Turnbull says they're paid for the work they do. There's a public mod log, so you everyone can see which moderator took which action. And the platform will make use of Jigsaw's comment-ranking engine, called Perspective API, which scores comments to weed out abuse and harassment while taking some of the load off of moderators.

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There are some thoughtful updates for users, too. But the process of awarding a delta is a lot easier.

On Change a View, there's a delta button built right in. The need for action is critical. The rate at which the world is warming is rapidly increasing and scientists fear we will soon reach a tipping point.

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Global warming is already inflicting huge damage. We are seeing more extreme weather events — heatwaves, floods and droughts — with increasing cost to human, animal and plant life. Yet the consequences will continue to fall on these underprivileged countries. However, there has been some progress.

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Carbon emissions are falling in many countries; in the UK, they have been cut to 19th-century levels. But these reductions have not come quickly enough and what has been achieved so far has been the gathering of the low-hanging fruit, such as closing coal-fired power stations, changes that have not required big lifestyle alterations. Since the British government has performed a series of dizzying U-turns on climate change policy, sacrificing commitments such as zero-carbon homes and investment in carbon capture storage on the altar of austerity.

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Now Brexit is distracting us even more from the impending crisis. As a result, the UK is on course to decisively miss its own legally binding emissions targets for and Internationally, the election of President Trump has seen the United States withdraw from the Paris agreement, and the election of rightwing populists such as Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil poses a further threat to global progress.


The ratcheting up of the discourse reflects the ratcheting up of the stakes. Whether you sent or received a shared link, it may fail to work or show a error.

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