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The blessedness of marital unity and family harmony is seldom attained. Although God has always called for family unity and marital harmony, our Lord Jesus warned that He would bring division! I tell you, no, but rather division. Just what did our Lord mean by this serious forewarning?

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Our Lord is saying that entire families will be separated through Him. Family and marital turmoil will come when one turns to Christ and others refuse to come. Mark Many people will be so opposed to Jesus and His radical and righteous way of life, that they will hate true believers and go so far as to kill their own family members or betray them to cruel religious or civil authorities who will murder them.

In communist China, Muslim lands, and other places, serious persecution now reigns! When a dear husband or wife objects to our commitment to Christ, they may present an ultimatum: Either choose them or choose Jesus! A parent may make the same challenge to a son or daughter who chooses to follow the Lord Jesus as a true disciple. What must the follower of Jesus do? In all circumstances, he or she must choose to follow Jesus—regardless of consequences. There must be no compromise. This means that we must be willing to break dear bonds of marriage if we are faithful to the Lord Jesus.

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Our uncompromised devotion to Jesus means that all other loves and commitments are secondary. We must be willing to leave everyone and everything behind to follow, love, obey, and serve God in Christ Jesus Mark The New Testament does show that sometimes entire families came to Christ—even at the same time.

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Luke suggests that the family of Cornelius came to Christ at the same time cf. Acts , 24, The Philippian jailer also was baptized, along with his household vv. We also may remember that Aquila and Priscilla were a married couple who served the Lord extensively, together Acts , 18, 26; Romans ; 1 Corinthians ; 2 Timothy This kind of marital unity is what God desires and promotes!

Sadly, we know that when Christ was preached, most people did not accept the message with a repentant faith cf. John Most turned away and rejected the offer of salvation Matthew Therefore, we see divided families reflected in Scripture. Paul speaks to the brother in Christ who is married to an unbelieving wife and to the sister in Christ who is married to an unbelieving husband 1 Corinthians In this sad circumstance, the Christian must not deliberately leave the unbeliever v.

However, if the unbeliever does leave on his own accord, the Christian may allow him to leave, thus establishing peace vv. Peter likewise addresses the case of a Christian wife married to a disobedient or unbelieving husband. In this situation, the apostle says that the believer must be a model wife, showing entire submissiveness, chastity, respect, and a gentle and quiet spirit 1 Peter As difficult as it is, the Christian must do all she can to win the unbeliever to the Lord and live an exemplary life in Christ.

Not only is there frequent division in marriages and divisions in families in this life, but there is a coming decisive and final division! The perfect starter for anyone trying to bone up on history. Randy Alcorn answers many common questions about heaven and paints a biblical picture of what eternity will be like.

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In this book, Mark Dever provides a short, yet very helpful overview of every book in the Old Testament, making this a key tool for your personal Bible study. When combined with the above book, you get a wonderful overview from Genesis to Revelation.

What Is the Gospel? Get an overview of that story in this book. If you have questions about demons , the Bible, church government, the Holy Spirit, or just about anything else, you can find the answer here. Packer — If you want to know what God is like, this is your book.

REVELATION Episode 36. The Mystery of Antisemitism. Revelation 12:6-12

Packer examines the various attributes of God, such as his holiness, his love, his justice, and his eternity. Loving God is more than just duty, it is delight.

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In this book John Piper explains the real meaning of what it means to be born again. Sproul — This is not a safe book. If you read it you will find yourself trembling before the holiness of God. You will understand what it means to fear the Lord. Sproul — Have you ever struggled with the doctrine of election? In this book, R. Sproul dispels common myths about election and shows how it is actually a very glorious doctrine.

Tozer — This little book packs a serious punch. Tozer explores the different attributes of God and consistently invites the reader to bow down before the greatness of God. Read this book to grow in your awe of the living God. Lewis — I could recommend a lot of different books by C.

Lewis, but this one is probably my favorite. Written as a conversation between a senior demon and a younger demon, it provides fascinating insights into the ways of Satan. What should we say when we evangelize? Mark Dever answers these questions and more in this short book. Great to give out to unbelievers. Keller has a way of mixing pop culture, philosophers, and the Word of God to create a compelling picture of Jesus Christ. He is wise, winsome, thoughtful, and clear.

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He offers deep answers to very deep questions. This book will help you have a biblical understanding of many different issues, such as divorce, homosexuality, birth control, and the role of men and women. In this very short book, John Piper explains those roles from a biblical perspective. Tim and Kathy Keller are brilliant on this subject, and I recommend that every married and single read this book. What Did You Expect? It helpfully explores the reality that marriage is both glorious and difficult. It also explores how the gospel touches on all aspects of marriage.

This book helps you bring the gospel to the heart of your most important relationship.

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  4. Hands down. Get it. Beautiful illustrations accompany a beautiful walkthrough of Scripture. This is like a kids biblical theology.

    He looks at productivity principles through the lens of Scripture, teaching readers how to get things done in a way that honors God. He blogs, writes, reads, and maintains a normal life, all at the same time. There are few guys I would trust more on the subject of productivity. There are lots of other books that could have ended up on this list, but this should keep you going for the next 10 years or so, unless you happen to be a really fast reader!

    Plus, every year more books can be added to this list of the best Christian books.